Frequently Asked Questions

What does this service do for me? will use the Steam™ API, in order to boost in-game hours on your steam account. Additionally, you will be able to idle multiple games at once, making it possible to gain more than 336 hours “Past two weeks” on steam. You can also use this service to farm “trading cards”, which you will be able to craft into badge or sell on the Steam™ community market.

Why should i choose your service and not any others? is exceptionally cheap, our current price is 1$ per 500 hours. We have been in the field in ≈ 8 years and we have over 36000+ registered users, all of our customers are satisfied with their purchase. also have a dedicated support team, ready to help any of our customers whenever they may need it.

How fast will i get the hours?

As we are using the Steam™ API, you will be gaining the hours just as if you would be playing the game, but 24/7. However, you will be able to idle multiple games at once, making it possible to gain more than 336 “Past two weeks” on steam.

Can i get banned on steam™ for using this service?

No, your Steam™ account will not be banned or suspended using ( is using the Steam™ API)

Can i use steam™ mobile authenticator while using

You can use Steam™ Mobile Authenticator, but bugs might occur, such as the boost not auto-starting after you exiting a game (the most common way to fix all issues is just to restart the boost). We currently don't support the use of Steam™ Mobile Authenticator officially, however we do support the use of Steam™ Guard.

Can i play games while the boosting is running?

Yes, after clicking yes to the pop-up, your boosting will pause and you will have to start it again manually.

Why can i only idle 32 games at once?

Previously you could idle 100 games at once, for the Diamond and Platinum package, that is no longer possible.
Steam™ has changed the way their system works, so now the limit is 32 games at once. From now on, only 32 games can be idled at once.

Can i change the account im boosting?

We currently do not have a automated solution for Steam™ account changes, so you will have to send us a e-mail at: [email protected] containing your current steam username, and the username you want it changed to.

Can i idle multiple steam™ accounts on the same account?

Yes! You can idle as many Steam™ accounts as you want on the same account.
However, you can only idle one Steam™ account per package.

Do you use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies, learn more about cookies here.

Which games on steam™ can be hourboosted?

If the game is on steam and in your library, we are able to boost it.

What security measures do you have in place?

Although we don’t want to disclose too many of our methods, we think making our customers feel safe is very important.
We never store passwords or critical data in plaintext, and only certain trusted people, have access to the servers.
We strictly use HTTPS connections on our website and strong encrypted connections between servers.
We have multiple form of security measures in place, which makes it extremely difficult, for anyone from the outside to connect to our servers or even locate them. An example of this could be a firewall, which only allows a few trusted IP’s to connect to our servers.
We use CloudFlare, which both hides our backend IP, helps us block bad traffic, reinforces us with a WAF (Web Application Firewall) and a lot more.

Where do you advertise?

We are advertising on the following websites:
Perfect aim
Please be aware that some of these threads, might not be available without special permission.
Got a website we can advertise on? Send us a email: [email protected] (You will be rewarded with a free package accordingly)